Let's get real here. 

The pet industry is super fun & reliable, you get that. Dee-O-Gee & Bentley's are quality, innovative franchise brands that you are considering. Check.

But, the big question ... how much money can you make?

While we can't tell you that specifically (dang FTC guidelines), we can tell you that these 3 things will drive your sales. And, we can tell you how our existing stores have done in the past. Keep reading for more details. 

YOUR website

Each Dee-O-Gee location has it's own custom website, fully optimized for online sales and mobile operating systems. This was especially important during the COVID-19 crisis and allowed the local franchisees to stay viable, even when they had to close their front doors.

OUR branding

Each Dee-O-Gee Franchise starts out with a localized, custom branded set of logos and social media elements that make your business feel 'hyper local'. When your local customers see elements of their physical surroundings in your branding, they know that your Dee-O-Gee was meant for them.

Franchise Team

Bentley's & Dee-O-Gee have won multiple national & local pet industry awards. The franchise team, led by Josh & Holly Allen will be on your side, guiding you through the start-up process and ongoing operations. You'll be part of a 'family like' team of other franchisees ... not a big national chain.

About Our Locations

In 2019, average sales for stores in operation for the full year was more than $1,200,000 according to the PETstuff Franchise Disclosure Document.
We cannot make any promises or guarantees about earnings (per FTC guidelines). However, qualified candidates can get a much more detailed financial picture of Dee-O-Gee or Bentley's  locations by contacting us directly to learn more. 

We realize that investing in a pet-industry business is a big step ... we've been there! And, we are here now ... still in the pet industry and ready to help you get started. 

Bark at us!

Do you have other questions? We'd love to hear from you!

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