The neighborhood pet supply shop. 


Why Bentley's

With 60+ locations across the country, Bentley's is well known in the pet industry. A typical Bentley's location is a bit smaller than a Dee-O-Gee and fits well in more urban areas or densely populated suburbs. 

Pets & People come first

Bentley's takes great pride in making every person, and more importantly, their pets a priority in our stores. We are here for the life of our customer's pets, not just a transaction.  It is our job to educate and sell products that are appropriate for their pet's needs. By putting people and their pets first, we want our customers to know and feel that they are a part of the Bentley's family and there is nowhere else they need to shop. We are committed to integrity in everything we do - selecting our partners, determining the products we carry, hiring our team members and maintaining high standards.

National Recognition

Originally founded in the northern Chicago suburbs, Bentley's locations now range from metro Atlanta, west to Colorado and north to Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can bring a Bentley's to your own town and join a brand that is nationally known, yet locally focused. 


Lisa Senafe started the first Bentley's Corner Barkery in 2008. It was founded after her two cats passed away from cancer. As she did more research she realized that the food that she was feeding was did not help the cats' immune system. She wanted to help more people understand there is a difference in the quality of pet foods available. She wanted to create a store where she did the research for the customers. Bentley's does not carry any food or treats made in China. The food Bentley's offers does not contain corn, wheat or soy (known allergens and fillers). Lisa wanted customers to feel confident in grabbing any of the foods, chews or treats and know they are ok for their pets. She believes in practicing Mixology in her stores which is never sticking to one brand, one formula for too long. By mixing it up, your pet's health will benefit. Lisa knew she wanted to expand and help as many other pet parents as possible out there to get their pets to thrive not just survive. Bentley's is different than other pet stores. Lisa empowers the stores to have an educated team, with continuous learning on the products offered. There is a focus on always providing excellent customer service. Gaining our customer's trust is extremely important, so we can help guide them the right way for their pet's needs. 

The big question

We'll get real with you ... how much can you actually make? Good question! We were wondering the same thing when we started. 

Bark at us!

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